Memorial plaques are a subtle yet powerful way to memorialize someone, something, or a place and time. Many communities worldwide use this type of plaque to remember or celebrate in a LARGE fashion. For the everyday person a memorial plaque can be used to commemorate personal achievements or events. Below I’ll go into detail the different styles of memorial plaques and where you can buy them!

The first style and more popular is a metal memorial plaque. These are timeless and elegant and used mostly on other metal statues or glued on the front of wooden plaques. Around you’ll find some good links that will help you create a great piece of art or give you ideas on where to start.

The next most popular style is an etched stone memorial plaque. These are usually used around cemeteries and are much smaller than a headstone. The benefits of these are readily available supplies of stones thus keeping costs down. However, for mass production projects you will have some differences between each plaque.

Another popular style is a memorial plaque using etched glass. Now etched glass is very fragile and can lead to snaking and spider cracks overtime. These are mostly used indoors around an object to explain something or someone. If you’re looking for a way to make your artwork or idea standout, this is your best bet! 

In general, memorial plaques can come in all shapes and sizes. We at can help you find any memorial plaques in any size with any material…not just wood! Please explore the website and our trusted vendors to help you with your next project!

Engraved wood plaques are by far the most popular request for most people. In this day and age the only limiter is your imagination. With laser etching you can create amazingly intricate or easily mass produced awards for your little league team or whatever event you need an engraved wood plaque for!

Now most people think laser etching is expensive and time consuming. Let me debunk some of these myths…first: cost. Laser etchings have come WAY DOWN in price over the last decade from technological advances and fast computer processors. Now you can create whatever you need with the click of a mouse! Next up is time…Most mass produced engraved wood plaques can be completed in minutes, giving you a turnaround time to however long it take to mail or ship to your location! The more intricate designs will take a little longer but can be done in hours when it used to take weeks!

Here at we specialize in finding you the perfect plaque for the perfect situation. All over this website we provide links to well established and high quality shops that guarantee their product and the timeframe for you to receive it! We spend the time doing all the searching and research to find dependable companies so you don’t have to waste yours…so take a look around and explore some of the businesses we have found!

Buying wood plaques is a very competitive and very confusing! When you start searching for buying a wood plaque you are inundated with information about websites and types of wood…let alone how you want to create your piece (laser etching, metal on wood, etc.)!!  Here at we help clear the clutter and show you the best places to buy wood plaques!

Now, what are you supposed to look for when buying wood plaques…Well let’s start with the simplest aspect of wooden plaques, the type. You have two main types of wood plaques in the industry, Laser etched and “metal on wood”. In previous posts I described in detail the two types and the benefits and drawbacks, what I didn’t talk about was the style of wood that is best for the two types.

Laser etched wooden plaques are best suited for solid pieces of wood such as cherry, walnut or oak. If you used laminated or bulk wood you run the risk of early delamination because the laser cuts into multiple layers and thus your newly created trophy, award or memorabilia may deteriorate prematurely.

Metal on wood” wooden plaques are a little easier and much cheaper since you can use bulk wood as the plaque backing. A major benefit of bulk wood is the interesting look the wood takes on from the different types of wood pounded together. Just be very wary of the type of glue used to adhere the metal to the wood of your choice, you want one that won’t lose their tackiness in high humidity or low temperatures.

Buying wood plaques can become daunting when you think of all the options to add on, but we at help sift through the dirt and provide you with excellent ideas and trustworthy links to find the right wooden plaque for your need!
Wood plaque blanks are an inexpensive way to create your own wooden plaque. Just as with any wooden plaque, the type of wood and quality of the cut is very important to creating a meaningful and more importantly long lasting piece. Below I’ll go into more detail about each popular type of wood and what the benefits and drawbacks of them.

First up is the most popular wooden plaque blank, Cherry wood. Cherry wood is very versatile and dependable. It is a strong type of wood and will age beautifully. Overtime Cherry wood darkens and gives you that rich and attractive look while still maintaining its shape and quality. Most people choose Cherry wood as their wood plaque blank of choice for the coloring it gives overtime making your wooden plaque stand out.

Another popular wooden plaque blank is Walnut. Walnut wood is another versatile piece of wood that can really make your wooden plaque stand out. The biggest difference from cherry wood is the coloration and look of walnut wood. It looks more refined and doesn’t clash with a lot of colors like a dark cherry wooden plaque might. One big downside to Walnut is the cost, which is usually more expensive than most other types of wood.

The last popular piece is Bamboo. Now bamboo has been used for quite a long time in many different categories and aspects, however wood plaque blanks is new. The upside to bamboo is cost, usually cheaper and easily mass produced. Another benefit for bamboo is for those of you who are conscientious about the planet, since it is a very “green” type of wood and easily replaced once chopped down. The big downside to bamboo is most blank wooden plaques are not one solid piece of wood, which can lead to delamination overtime with the bamboo.

Again, whatever you decide… can help! CLICK HERE for some samples and to find more information on wood plaque blanks!
Custom wood plaques or personalized wood plaques is a lovely niche in the wood plaque market that can really make your gift, trophies, awards or whatever you can imagine really STAND OUT! One of the best aspects of this niche is the different ways you can make your product more noticeable. Below I go into detail about each type of custom work.

First up are the most popular… laser etched wood plaques. Now laser etched wood plaques can range from cheap and mass produced to extremely intricate and beautiful. The cheap mass produced ones look like the first picture in this post, which is usually sufficient for most uses. THE major benefit to laser etched custom wood plaques is the single solid piece of wood they build it from which makes it last a very long time.

Second up is the most common one on the market, mostly from a cost stand point, the “metal on wood” custom wood plaque. This type of plaque is very cheap to produce (especially mass production) and usually lasts many years. The downside to this type of custom wood plaque is the adhesive the manufacturer uses to glue the metal piece to the wooden plaque. Another issue that affects the longevity of the piece is the area you hang it. If you hang or display your custom wooden plaque in an area with high humidity, the glue degrades very rapidly and can lead to separation of the two pieces…another thing to keep in mind when deciding which custom wood plaque is for you.

Lastly, is the type of wood you use for your custom wood plaques… This is where it can get expensive. For those of you who want to be more conscientious to the environment, your best option is Bamboo…it is usually a cheaper option as well (bonus!). You can also choose another popular type such as Cherry or Walnut, although these are usually more expensive than a coated type of wood…such as Oak.

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Wooden wall plaques are extremely popular and very versatile. Currently, wooden wall plaques are used primarily in new house construction. However, we here at believe wooden wall plaques will be extremely popular in the near future. Now you may Well, the entire world is leaning toward renewable energy and resources in construction and architecture. Nothings more renewable then wooden wall plaques! We have scoured the internet and found the BEST looking and highest quality wooden wall plaques!
Now many people think that wooden wall plaques must be small and used for awards and trophies, but you’re right AND wrong. Below we have a few pictures of houses using wooden wall plaques as the centerpiece of a staircase or the dining room or even a lovely front door! We also found a few companies that make high quality mass produced pieces that are great for awards, trophies, and even mountings for hunting trophies! Here at we have great ideas on what to buy and more importantly where to buy.

Above we mentioned where to buy… Now below are a few places you can find high quality pieces and excellent craftsmanship on etchings, carvings, staining, and pyrography. No matter the size of the wood plaque or the type of wood you want to use, we can help you with every step of the way. CLICK HERE for more information and some lovely samples.